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Deren Getz  

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Film Locations Wanted ! Lofts, Suburban Homes, Apartments, Townhouses, Offices, Farms, Factories, Shops, Schools, Hospitals, Empty Buildings, almost anything can be a film location!

If you are interested in submitting your location to the Getz Locations database, please use the instructions below.

All locations info is kept private and never displayed publicly. You will be contacted should I receive a suitable request for your location, or if I need more info.

Please include:

Your name, phone and email
Location address, town, city, etc.
A link to a web gallery (best), or A few small jpeg files -

Dimensions: 800 pixels or smaller File size: less than 200k or so each jpg pdf files are acceptable as well (less than 2 MB)

Please do NOT send Zipped files - no .zip, .sit, etc Word, Powerpoint or Excel files – please copy/paste any text info into your email Please do not send more than 3 MB total file size !

You can also submit a link to a Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Photos, Flickr, Smugmug, or other website that has a link to download photos.

Please note that we look at all locations but the majority of my work is in the zone (30 miles from Columbus Circle).

To submit your home, business, or other location for film or photography, please email
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